A Word from the valencia camp, and a word or two about villa!!!!

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A Word from the valencia camp, and a word or two about villa!!!! Empty A Word from the valencia camp, and a word or two about villa!!!!

Post  deano on 9th November 2008, 3:10 pm

This evening Valencia traveled to the nou camp, and came away with a point. Many felt that the penalty decision was an incorrect decision and others felt it was defiantly the correct decision from the Spanish official Johnny Brava.

Dean and Woolley have spoken and are delighted with the point, and felt on another day Valencia could have finished off more chances.
Dean spoke to Valencia website and said

“Obviously we are happy we have got a point out of the game. We won’t lie and say Barcelona aren’t a tricky team to play against first game of the season. They are a good team, but we must focus on our team not anyone else. like i said, we are delighted... and if we can hold a team like Barcelona to a draw, we are confident we can win anyone.”

A Valencia spokesman went on to say, whats your thoughts on villa’s performance.

“his performance was breathtaking. He is an outstanding footballer. We knew this from the very beginning. I dont like to just pinpoint on one player... its a team effort. Im delighted with the teams performance. We are training well, and now playing well.”

One of the most encouraging comment that came out of deans mouth was the following:

“we are certainly moving in the right direction”

Valencia football club are certainly happy with the teams performance in this game this evening. Valencia must be delighted that they kept the young talented played , david villa at Valencia.

It was reported, villa could have been a Barcelona player.

Sam Woolley commented... “He is our player, he is wearing our shirt, he is an excellent footballer, an young energetic lad... a brilliant captain and a all rounder nice person.”

“We will ensuring he stays here, maybe a contract extension deal will be on the table sooner rather than later”

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